Organic Broccoli Santee F1 – Purple Sprouting


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Approx. 35 organic vegetable seeds per gardener’s packet

Our 100% certified Organic Broccoli Santee F1 is a robust Purple Sprouting Broccoli variety which is meticulously developed to yield an early crop in spring, a season when harvesting options are limited. With its bright-purple spears available for picking very early and over an extended period, Broccoli Santee F1 becomes an invaluable addition to your vegetable garden.

Growing Instructions: Commence by sowing purple sprouting Broccoli Santee F1 in shallow drills during February to May, then transplant the seedlings to a suitable growing site in the summer when they reach a height of 15 centimeters. Employ mesh protection to safeguard the plants from the Large White Butterfly, whose caterpillars have a penchant for broccoli and can inflict significant damage.

Cooking: Enjoy the tender spears by steaming or stir-frying, served with melted butter. They also contribute a delightful flavour to soups and quiches, showcasing the versatility of organic Broccoli Santee F1 in your culinary repertoire.

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