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Our Mission

We are Simon Hamming and Marit Bakker and we emigrated from the West coastal side of the Netherlands to East Devon since the beginning of 2020 with our daughter Charly and Westy Billy. We totally fell in love with the beauty of the English countryside and turned our lives around completely by following our hearts. 

The abundance of nature and space, inspired us to make the choice to live here and doing our bit for nature by using our experience and skills as entrepreneurs. 

Our mission
Our mission with Organic Gardener is to inspire as many people as possible to go for Organic Gardening and to choose for Eco-Friendly and Organically grown plants for their gardens. We aim to contribute in creating more demand for organically grown plants, which encourages more growers to convert to Organic Farming as a result.

Our vision
Increasing biodiversity in and beyond the UK by promoting organic gardening and offering sustainably grown plants. 

Why choose for organic and eco-friendly flower bulbs, perennials and seeds?

The industry behind the regular cultivation of plants is extremely polluting for nature. Knowing this touched us deeply, as we thought buying plants was always a good thing to do.

The sheer amount of toxins used in regular agriculture does deplete the soil immensely, pollute ground water and has a negative impact on biodiversity, as flowers can contain 7 to 13 different varieties of toxins that can kill essential insects and pollinators. Besides that, pesticides are known for having severe impact on human health as well. Choosing for organically and eco-friendly grown plants can make a huge difference in creating more biodiversity in both your own garden and in the fields where they are grown.

That is why we chose to adopt a range of organic flower bulbs, eco-friendly perennials and organic seeds of organic and eco-friendly growers in the Netherlands and the UK with which we want to provide gardeners, eco and natural landscapers in their journey to creating more biodiversity and healthy soil in their gardens.

Read more about pesticides harming bees and pollinators at PAN UK and about pesticides used in flower production in this scientific review

We are Soil Association Certified.

Product range of Organic Gardener

Organic Gardener’s eco-friendly and organic product range is inspired by the English Cottage Garden. Self-sufficient, holistic gardening, colourful flowers, organic vegetables and medicinal herbs that attract beneficial animals are leading in this garden (either a small or a big garden): 

  • Organic flower bulbs, perennials and seeds
  • Sustainable, handmade and natural garden products
Organic Narcissus Minnow

The experience we would like to create for the customers from Organic Gardener is:

“While working in my garden, I dream away listening to the humming of the bees and the song of the blackbird. I pick an armful of fresh cut flowers and in the evening I make a healthy meal from the harvest of my homegrown organic vegetables and herbs. While enjoying the view of my dazzling flower borders, I completely forget about the daily rat race and reconnect with nature.”

Our lovely farmhouse Passaford will be used as inspirational garden and testing ground for our organic and eco-friendly plants, seeds and flower bulbs. 

Enjoy our online shop and if you have any questions, queries or needs for specific organic or eco-friendly products for your garden, then please feel free to contact us.

Best wishes,
Simon Hamming and Marit Bakker

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