Natural Cooking

Fresh and pure ingredients make the tastiest and healthiest meals. And what is more satisfying than growing your own food? Natural ingredients are far healthier and more sustainable than processed products or regular grown vegetables, which can contain pesticides.

That is why we promote Natural Cooking: Healthier, nutritious, tasty and better for nature!

6 Steps to Natural Cooking.

1. Eat Seasonally and Organic.

Fruit and vegetables grown in heated greenhouses or transported from far away are real energy guzzlers. However, there is plenty variety of seasonal and organic vegetables available all year round in the UK. And at an affordable price. Moreover, the harvest of the moment challenges you to be creative continuously. So you will never eat the same thing twice. 

2. Grow Your Own.

When you grow your own veggies and fruit, you know how your food has been grown and what you eat. This will provide you and your family (or community) with conscious choices in terms of ingredients. Moreover, you save a lot of money and eat tastier and healthier. 

3. Cook Your Own Meal.

Variety with seasonal vegetables can seem daunting, but there is plenty of choice. Put lots of colour on your plate every day and you’ll be fine. That variety is tasty and healthy, and also protects biodiversity by preserving lots of old crops. No time to cook during the week? Make a weekly menu and prepare some basic dishes at the weekend. 

4. Know Your Herbs.

Get to know the world of medicinal plants, and a new world will open for you. All herbs are plants, but not all plants are herbs. So what is the difference? In short: the designation herbs is usually used for ‘useful’ plants. And then both useful as food, flavouring or because of their beneficial medicinal properties. 

Beetroot Smoothie

5. Transform Food Waste.

A third of the world’s food goes to waste. That is a shame. Not only because so many people go hungry, but also because producing food takes a lot of raw materials and energy. Buy and cook consciously and transform leftovers into delicious new dishes, like soups and smoothies so nothing goes wasted. 

6. Artisanal Preservation.

To preserve food as long as possible, there are various methods that go back to medieval times, which are hot again today. With centuries-old preservation techniques, people were able to preserve their food without a fridge. The most well known techniques are: drying, smoking, pickling, canning and curing. Ideal to keep left over harvest for a longer time.

Get started.

We have created some useful tips for you to get started with Natural Cooking. We hope you will enjoy this sustainable way of cooking!

Grow your own.

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Gardening & Kitchen Essentials.

As we consider organic gardening as a part of a conscious lifestyle, sustainable gardening and kitchen items are of the essence.
Our garden items and kitchen essentials are not only handmade, locally produced or manufactured with natural or recycled materials, they also look incredibly beautiful!

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