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Do you grow organic plants?

Then you may need to purchase some labels and ties for your plants to avoid confusion. You can label your plants in order to differentiate them from others.

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You can also label your plants with the type of soil they are grown in because different plants grow better with different soil types. You don’t need to buy expensive labels and ties; you can order them online and choose whichever type you’d like, and it’s as simple as that.

And because we know the importance of labelling your organic plants here at Organic Gardener, we stock a broad range of labels and ties for you to be able to easily identify your plants. We have a variety of colours ranging from green, purple, red, natural and more.

We also have jute twine, wool twine, and even plant clips that you can use to fasten your plants. Our labels are durable enough to last, so they are very good value for money.

We also stock Slinky Minky tree and shrub ties, which are great for keeping the stems of your trees or shrubs neat and tidy. as well as wooden spool holders for your twine.

For those of you after a quick and easy solution, we also stock Just Twist ties in green.