If you want to create your dream garden or outdoor space, you will want to have the right flowers to add a touch of colour to your landscape. You can create a lush collection of blooming flowers, thanks to our collection of stunning Achillea.

Achillea millefolium 'Hella Glashoff'
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Achillea is a group of flowering plants, which feature a collection of small flowers accompanied by fernlike leaves. These flowers can vary in colour, including yellow, pink, red and even orange, bringing an element of variety into your outdoor space.

The beautiful collection is the perfect cottage garden plant for herbaceous beds and borders. These eco-friendly perennials typically bloom in June, July and August, which some even do well in September, depending on the species.

You can attract bees and butterflies, thanks to this collection of Achillea, which will help them thrive and in turn, will help the environment. To further support the environment, these eco-friendly Achilleas are pesticide-free and will increase the biodiversity of your garden.

Our Achillea flowers are competitively priced and would add a sophisticated touch to your outdoor space.

You can enhance the biodiversity of your garden today with our eco-friendly Achillea, all while improving the appearance of your outdoor space. If you have any questions about our extensive range of eco-friendly Achillea, you can contact a member of the team today.