Geraniums are easily one of the most popular perennial flowers. The bush-like plant makes a neat, low-growing mound of foliage and blooms with clusters of flowers. Depending on the variety and the climate, geraniums bloom all year.

They can be used as groundcover in flower beds or borders or as container plants. Geraniums prefer bright light and regular watering. Some varieties may produce leaves with purple spots or markings. These versatile plants thrive in the sun or shade and can be grown indoors or outside, in pots or in the ground.

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Geraniums grow well in most soil types, making them a great choice for growing in the garden. You can grow them just about anywhere, too—from pots on the patio to hanging baskets in the garden.

Geraniums are very easy to grow once you have the know-how. Gardeners love geraniums for their fragrance, long-lasting blooms, and long-lasting foliage.

But did you know that their beautiful blooms are often described by many as smelling like roses? And did you know that the majority of geraniums are quite hardy and can tolerate being grown in cooler temperatures?

Geraniums make great houseplants and are perfect for growing indoors during the winter. They add a lot of personality to any room, and their long leaves provide an airy appearance.

Many people consider geraniums to be one of the best air purifiers! Geraniums beautifully enhance any garden.

They offer brilliant red, pink, purple, and blue shades. They can also add a subtle fragrance to the garden—something that most gardeners love.

Try growing geraniums and see how beautiful a garden can be quickly enhanced.