Organic Bulbs for Scent

Aromatic organic bulb flowers enhance the joy of living. They brighten up any garden, add character to a house and smell wonderful. These natural scents add freshness and joy to a garden.

At Organic Gardener, we only grow organic bulbs because we care about our environment and about you. Most people enjoy a good fragrance, and it’s easy to add a fragrance to your home or office with organic bulbs.

Organic Narcissus Bridal Crown
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Showing 1–12 of 17 results

These scented bulbs are widely available and have many uses. Most scented bulbs are organic, not synthetic.

This means that they don’t contain any chemicals that are harmful to you or the environment. These bulbs are also usually biodegradable.

Some scented bulbs can lift your mood, and others can complement your favourite plants. Some scented bulbs are day-blooming, such as Crocus.

Their blooms brighten up your garden in the early spring. Day-bloomers such as daffodils and tulips usually open in the morning or early afternoon and bloom for two to three days.

Some scented bulbs are winter-blooming or perennial. These are plants that return year after year, such as Yarrow, Columbine, and Spirea.

Day-blooming bulbs are easy and attractive to propagate, and you usually don’t have to replant them every year. After a long day indoors, nothing smells better than a bouquet of fragrant flowers.

Nothing smells better than your organic bulb flowers from Organic Gardener!