Organic Tulipa turkestanica



Organic Spring Bulb Tulipa turkestanica.

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Tulipa turkestanica, a botanical and bulbous perennial, grows up to 15 cm in length on each stem. Its margins and tips exhibit a lovely pinkish hue. Delightfully, each plant produces a cluster of star-shaped flowers, ranging from one to twelve, forming a raceme.

The ivory white to pinkish red flowers feature a vibrant yellow to orange basal blotch, extending to about a third of the flower’s length. A fascinating trait of this tulip is that its flowers only open when exposed to direct sunlight. In its natural habitat, it blossoms between March and May, influenced by the altitude.

This captivating tulip blooms during April and May, reaching a height of 10-15cm. Embrace the beauty of organically grown Tulipa turkestanica as it graces your garden with its charming presence.

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Common name

Botanical Tulip


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