Organic Daffodils (Narcissi)

Narcissi is the Latin name for daffodils, while daffodil refers to the common name of all members that fall under the genus Narcissi. Daffodils are not only symbols of rebirth and new beginnings; they are also stunning flowers that will brighten up your outdoor space with their elegant style.

Organic Narcissus Bridal Crown
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Showing 1–12 of 17 results

Our collection of daffodils features a range of shapes and sizes, including the traditional trumpet-like flower in the centre, with petals framing the middle to create a tall and beautiful plant. These cheerful plants are available in yellow, orange and white, with some a culmination of different colours. We are sure you will have a warm and lively flower bed with these daffodils.

We have different pack options available for you to choose between, including 40 bulb packs that feature various narcissi plants. We also have specific daffodils, where you can select the quantity you require, including packs of 5 bulbs, 10 bulbs or 25 bulbs, to name a few.

Previously, it was challenging to find organic daffodils; however, we are proud to say that these are 100% organic spring bulbs, which have not been exposed to any harmful chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

You can positively contribute to a sustainable ecology today by investing in our array of beautiful daffodils, all while improving the appearance of your outdoor space. If you have any questions about our organic Daffodils or any plants in our online store, you can contact a member of the team today.