Organic Narcissus ‘Martinette’



Organic Spring Bulb Narcissus ‘Martinette’

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Narcissus ‘Martinette’ is a charming tazetta daffodil, perfect for adorning pots or the front of spring borders. It showcases elegant grey-green leaves and stems bearing four or five strongly-scented flowers during early spring. Each flower boasts lemon yellow perianth segments with a pale orange base and ribbed, bright orange coronas. This delightful organic daffodil thrives in alkaline soil, moderately fertile and well-drained.

The alluring musky sweet fragrance adds to its appeal. Organic Narcissus ‘Martinette’ is known to naturalize beautifully in grasslands, but it also thrives in pots and containers when planted in loam-based compost with good drainage.

For best results, plant Narcissus ‘Martinette’ in autumn. Being a hardy perennial, it will come back year after year, gracing your garden with its beauty. Expect the delightful blooms to flourish in April and May, reaching a height of 30-35cm. Provide this dainty daffodil with a position that enjoys half to full sun exposure, and it will reward you with its splendid display. 100% Organically grown.

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