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Organic compost provides gardeners with valuable nutrients to add to their soil. At Organic Gardener, we stock a range of organic composts for your organic gardening needs. We have varieties of Soil Association Certified compost such as Moorland gold potting and container compost and Moorland gold seed and seedling compost in quantities of 40L. Also we provide peat free compost alternatives.

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Our compost is Soil Association certified and therefore suitable for organic gardening and is made with naturally filtered peat – so peat bogs are protected – which acts as an excellent soil conditioner. Add organic compost to your soil, and the natural material decomposes over time. The compost then releases nutrients that improve the soil structure, providing texture and structure as well as soaking up water to release nutrients.

It helps your plants to grow better and strengthens their root systems. Containing organic matter, organic soils will improve the health of the soil by adding the necessary nutrients to it.

The organic matter enables the soil to retain its moisture and provides a larger surface area for the roots to absorb water and nutrients. The increased moisture content makes it easier for the plants to absorb water and minerals from the soil.

As a result, organic soils promote the healthy growth of the plant. Moorland Gold compost has been specially formulated to add nutrients to the soil to improve the health of the plants.

Compost is a wonderful way to feed the plants in your garden without adding chemicals or fertilisers that can pollute the soil and water. At Organic Gardener we chose Moorland Gold as it is a top-grade organic compost that is perfect for improving the health and vitality of your plants.