Organic Bulbs for Pollinators

Spring flowering bulbs can help your garden’s pollinators to feed and appear earlier in the year. That means there will be more flowers, nectar, pollen, and bees! Organic bulbs are a great choice for your pollinator-friendly garden. You need only to watch a bumblebee as she tirelessly pollinates a crocus to feel the power of our pollinators.

Organic Allium Purple Sensation
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Showing 1–12 of 43 results

Hundreds of thousands of bees visit a single bulb each day, with the result that a single spring flower bulb can feed more than a thousand bees. These bees pollinate more than 70% of our plant species.

But bees still die out each year, faster and faster. Many different types of pollinating insects benefit from the incorporation of organic bulbs into their gardens.

They provide a readily and early available resource of pollen. Organic bulbs, such as crocus, chionodoxa, muscari, hyacinths, alliums, narcissus and tulips, are the perfect choice for bulbs that flower between the months of March and June.

If you want your spring-flowering bulbs to attract bees, then you’ll want to plant bulbs that have been grown organically. Organic bulbs contain no pesticides and are therefore safe for pollinators.

Organic growers rotate crops between different types of crops and allow wildflowers to blossom naturally which creates healthy soil and increases biodiversity while growing bulbs.