Organic Fritillaria imperialis ‘William Rex’



Organic Spring Bulb Fritillaria (Fritillary) imperialis ‘William Rex’.

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Witness the breathtaking beauty of Fritillaria imperialis ‘William Rex,’ boasting a magnificent cluster of terracotta-red flowers and vibrant green bracts, gracefully perched atop a tall, dark stem. This particular organically grown Fritillary variety is a true standout in Spring borders, lending an elegant touch of height and grandeur. Embracing the title of Crown Imperial Lily, this stunning flower has been cultivated since the 16th century when it was first brought from Turkey. In the wild, it thrives on rocky slopes, cliffs, and in scrub, all while serving as an excellent magnet for pollinators.

Sporting a notably large bulb, this Fritillaria demands planting at a depth of 20cm in a sheltered area, guarding it from strong winds. Come April and May, its regal presence graces the garden with splendor, reaching an impressive height of 70-80cm. This versatile gem thrives in various positions, from half to full shade, providing you with the flexibility to create a captivating arrangement wherever you desire.

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Crown imperial


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