Organic Naturalising Flower Bulb Collection (83 pcs)

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Naturalising and Self-propagating flower bulb mix. 100% Organically grown.

Contains 83 flower bulbs.

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This organic flower bulb mix provides you with years of pleasure in spring! The naturalised bulbs in this mix will self-propagate in your garden, which means that they will come back in larger numbers year after year. They are low maintenance, a fabulous source of colour in your garden and, the bees love it too. The Naturalising Bulb Mix contains organic camassia, allium, fritillaria, anemone, chionodoxa, narcissi and botanical tulips. They will make it buzz in your garden!

This mix contains of 83 organic flower bulbs. Good for a total of approximately 1 m2 of flowering in the first year, after that it will spread rapidly through your garden.

  • 3x Organic Camassia
  • 10x Organic Allium
  • 10x Organic Anemone
  • 10x Organic Chionodoxa
  • 20x Organic Narcissi (naturalising varieties)
  • 20x Organic Botanical Tulips (2x variety of 10 pcs)
  • 10x Organic Fritillaria

Our advice: spread them throughout your garden!

NOTE: Colours and varieties may vary.


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