Organic Allium ‘Purple Rain’


Organic Spring Bulb Allium ‘Purple Rain’.

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This long, purple ornamental allium, known as Allium ‘Purple Rain,’ showcases round purple flower clusters and is a hybrid between the aflatunense variety ‘Purple Sensation’ and ‘Christophii,’ inheriting the best characteristics from both. Enjoy the delightful display at the end of spring, especially when bees come to visit this ornamental allium. The little flowers of this allium are slightly larger and more open compared to its ‘Purple Sensation’ parent, creating a striking visual display that is sure to capture attention and admiration.

One of the most remarkable features of Allium ‘Purple Rain’ is its ability to attract a delightful array of pollinators. As spring unfolds, watch in awe as butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects flock to its irresistible charm. Not only does it add grace and allure to your outdoor space, these flower bulbs are organically grown without the use of pesticides and will therefore be safe for pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths.

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Common name

Ornamental onion


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