Organic Leek Farinto


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Approx.300 organic vegetable seeds per gardener’s packet

Organic Leek, Farinto, is a brilliant vegetable for winter! This frost-hardy variety has thick white stems with no bulbs and lovely blue-green leaves. Perfect for harvesting from December through to spring.

Growing instructions:
Sow in drills March-April, then transplant seedlings when pencil-sized. Made a 15 cm hole with a dibber to plant each seedling and water well. This procedure is what makes the base of leeks white.

Remove the root and outer leaves. Leeks can sometimes be gritty, so wash them well after slicing as desired, then sautee or roast and serve as a side dish. They’re essential for leek and potato soup and delicious in quiches and homity pie.

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