Organic Courgette Zelia F1


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Approx. 5 organic vegetable seeds per gardener’s packet

Our 100% pesticide-free Organic Courgette, Zelia F1, is one of the easiest vegetables to grow, so it’s a fantastic choice for new gardeners and to get children started. Produces an abundance of mid-green fruit over a long period and is naturally resistant to viruses.

Special note:
In hot, dry weather, water courgettes well to prevent powdery mildew.

Growing instructions:
Sow April-May indoors or in the ground after all danger of frost has passed. Allow 60 centimetres between plants. You can also grow courgettes in pots on a patio or balcony.

Delicious when sliced, then steamed, fried or baked. Dip the large flowers in batter and deep fry. Courgettes are also an essential ingredient in ratatouille.

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