Organic Sweet Corn Golden Bantam


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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50 organic vegetable seeds per gardener’s packet

Organic Sweet Corn Golden Bantam is a heirloom variety and a classic maize with vibrant and bigger yellow kernels than modern types with a delightful buttery flavour. While Sweet Corn thrives in favourable summer conditions for optimal yields, its impressive height and the allure of freshly harvested, exceptionally sweet cobs make it a valuable addition to any vegetable garden.

Growing Instructions: For successful cultivation, sow Sweet Corn Golden Bantam indoors between April and May, or directly in the soil from May to early June. Plant sweet corn in blocks to enhance pollination, as they are pollinated by the wind. Ensure consistent watering and diligently weed between plants. Harvest the delectable cobs from September onwards.

Cooking: To savour the best flavour, enjoy sweet corn as fresh as possible before the sugars convert to starch. Whether baked or boiled as whole cobs or incorporated into dishes like fritters, chowder, and creamed corn, True Gold adds a delicious touch to your culinary creations.

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