Organic White Asparagus officinalis ‘Vitalim’


100% Organically grown White Asparagus officinalis ‘Vitalim’.

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Asparagus ‘Vitalim’ is the perfect asparagus plant for cultivating exquisite organic white asparagus. When growing white asparagus, it’s crucial to cover the asparagus crowns with a thick layer of soil during the growing season, a process known as “earthing up” or “blanching.” This essential practice prevents the asparagus from turning green due to exposure to sunlight. In darkness, the plant doesn’t produce chlorophyll, keeping it beautifully white.

White asparagus offers a milder taste and a less intense flavour profile than green asparagus. Rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and fiber, it also serves as an excellent source of antioxidants.

How, Where, and When to Plant Asparagus Crowns:
The optimal time to plant white asparagus crowns is early spring, after the soil has warmed but before the active growth phase begins.

Dig trenches approximately 15 to 20 centimeters deep, leaving at least 1 meter of space between them. Place the asparagus crowns in the trench with buds facing upward, allowing about 30 to 45 centimeters of space between each crown. Cover the crowns with approximately 5 to 8 centimeters of soil. Gradually add soil to the trench or bed as the asparagus grows, filling it until it reaches about 20 to 30 cm above the original ground level.

If you have only one asparagus to try, plant it at the same depth as described above, but without creating a trench.

Thoroughly water the asparagus beds after planting to settle the soil and give the asparagus a strong start. Consider mulching the asparagus beds to retain moisture, reduce weed growth, and stabilize soil temperature.

Asparagus ‘Vitalim’ thrives best in full sun, in well-draining soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. Well-draining soil is crucial to prevent root rot. While sandy soil is ideal, light loam is also suitable. Avoid heavy clay soil.

Asparagus requires regular watering, especially during dry periods. Deep watering ensures that the roots remain well-hydrated. In the fall, when the plant has completely withered, trim the remains to ground level to prevent pests and diseases.

Well-maintained asparagus beds can last for decades. Continue to feed the plants and ensure good soil health.

For organic potting soil, plant food, and other soil enhancers, we recommend Bio Kultura!

Begin harvesting only in the second year after planting the asparagus crowns. In the first year, it’s vital to let the plants grow and strengthen.

White asparagus should be harvested when the stems reach a height of approximately 20-25 centimeters. This is the stage when they are still growing underground and maintain their characteristic white color. The harvesting season for white asparagus is shorter, from March to June, compared to green asparagus.

Harvesting white asparagus that grows underground requires care and precision to avoid damaging the stems. Use a specialized asparagus knife or cutter designed to cut the asparagus beneath the ground without harming the roots or other stems.

Locate the asparagus tip by gently pushing away the soil around it. The asparagus tip is at the top of the stem. Place the asparagus knife or cutter about 15 to 20 centimeters beneath the ground, near the base of the stem, and carefully cut through the stem. Cut diagonally just below the asparagus tip. Gently pull the cut asparagus upward from the ground, ensuring the length of the stem remains intact.

After harvesting, fill the hole in the ground using a rake or simply by hand.

Continue harvesting white asparagus until all mature stems have been harvested. As white asparagus is harvested only once a year, it’s crucial to be cautious and avoid damaging the plants.

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