Organic Pepper d’Asti Rosso


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Capsicum annuum
Seed Count: Approximately 150-250 seeds per gram

Peppers can be categorized into sweet and hot varieties, with sweet peppers commonly manifesting as blocky bell peppers or elongated types. Initially green, most pepper fruits undergo a colorful ripening process, transitioning to shades of yellow, orange, red, or purple. Red peppers, in particular, are renowned for their sweetness and high vitamin C content.

Originating from South America and cultivated for millennia, sweet peppers thrive best in polytunnels or greenhouses. These relatively short plants reach a height of about 60-75 cm and feature white, star-shaped flowers with six petals, followed by the development of immature fruits.

D’Asti Rosso is a classic Italian sweet pepper heirloom variety, characterized by its square blocky shape. With thick flesh and a sweet, mild flavor, it undergoes a color transformation from green to bright red during ripening.

How to Cultivate:

  • Sow seeds in quality organic compost in trays or modules from January to March at a temperature range of 18-21 degrees Celsius.
  • A heated propagator is preferable, maintaining consistent day and night temperatures. Once the first true leaves emerge and the plants are sizable enough, transplant them into 8 cm pots. Gradually pot up until ready for final planting in the greenhouse, polytunnel borders, or high-quality growbags. While growbags are useful, their shallow composition poses challenges in watering and supporting plants.
  • Employ liquid feed as needed and harvest peppers when they reach the desired size. Green peppers provide a more piquant flavor, while allowing them to ripen to their designated color imparts a sweeter taste.

Pests and Diseases:

  • Greenhouse crops may be susceptible to aphids and red spider mites. Utilize biological controls for effective pest management.

Cooking Recommendations:

  • Peppers showcase remarkable versatility in the kitchen. Enjoy them raw in salads or as crudites. Roast them alongside mixed vegetables, incorporate them into ratatouille, chili, or lasagna, or stuff them with various fillings.

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