Organic Gladiolus murielae – Acidanthera murielae ‘Abyssinian gladiolus’


100% Organically grown Organic Acidanthera ‘Abyssinian Gladiolus’.

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Gladiolus murielae, formerly known as Acidanthera murielae, is a captivating flower commonly referred to as the Peacock Orchid or Abyssinian gladiolus — and an exquisite addition to your late summer garden. The blossoms boast double star shapes, with outer pure white petals forming a star that plays host to a smaller deep purple star at the bloom’s heart, accented by bright yellow stamens that add a touch of gold. These elegant flowers gracefully bow their heads at the top of tall and slender stems emerging from a plant that typically reaches just under a meter in height, featuring grey-green, sword-like foliage.

Beyond its visual appeal, Gladiolus murielae (Acidanthera) is organically grown and contributes a beautiful fragrance to the garden, enhancing the sensory experience. Whether in containers, beds, or borders, this versatile plant thrives in various settings, with a preference for safer growth in pots. As autumn approaches, cease watering at the end of summer and bring the plant indoors for winter, storing it in any frost-free shed or garage. Reintroduce it to the outdoors next spring after the danger of frosts has passed. Potted, Gladiolus murielae also makes a fabulous autumn houseplant, providing an enduring source of beauty and fragrance.

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