Organic Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’



100% Organically grown Organic Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’.


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Indulge in the delightful allure of 100% organically grown Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’ and its sugary-pink flowers! Reminiscent of childhood days filled with funfairs and candyfloss, this stunning gladiolus variety captivates with its flower-packed stems. The robust flower spikes are adorned with frilly blooms, bringing an air of carefree flamboyance to summer borders. Clusters of neatly arranged sword-shaped foliage provide a crisp contrast to the extravagant blooms, creating a visually striking display.

Beyond its garden appeal, Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’ also proves to be a spectacular cut flower, and as it’s 100% certified organically grown, you’ll have your own eco-friendly cut flowers. The irresistible charm of these fun-filled blossoms makes them an ideal choice for bouquets. Whether cultivating Gladioli for cut flowers or seeking a prolonged display, consider planting the bulbs at two-week intervals during spring to ensure a continuous supply throughout the summer.

For a breathtaking combination, pair Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’ with the rich blackcurrant shades of Gladiolus ‘Black Sea’ and Gladiolus ‘Indian Summer’. With a manageable height of 1m, this variety adds a dramatic vertical accent to any planting scheme without the need for staking. Surprisingly easy to grow, Gladiolus ‘Adrenalin’ thrives in a sheltered sunny spot with free-draining soil, seamlessly filling the gaps between summer-flowering perennials.

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