Organic Dahlia Collection ‘Dancing Pollinators’

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100% Certified Organic Dahlia Collection.

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Dancing Pollinators” Organic Dahlia Collection, a vibrant ensemble designed to celebrate the beauty of nature while nourishing and supporting local pollinator populations. This collection features 4 stunning varieties, each organically grown and carefully selected for their open, inviting flowers that beckon pollinators to dance amidst their petals.

  1. Organic Dahlia Hartenaas: The Hartenaas Dahlia stands tall as a beacon of natural wonder, boasting colorful blooms that serve as a feast for pollinators. Grown with organic practices, each tuber bursts forth with vibrant petals, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects to partake in its nectar-rich bounty.
  2. Organic Dahlia Topmix Apricot: Radiating warmth and vitality, the Topmix Apricot Dahlia welcomes pollinators with its cheerful apricot-hued blossoms. Cultivated organically to preserve its natural charm, this variety serves as a vital resource for local pollinator populations, offering sustenance and beauty in equal measure.
  3. Organic Dahlia Sweetheart: With its flair and abundant blooms, the Sweetheart Dahlia beckons pollinators to join in its joyful celebration of nature’s abundance. Grown organically, each tuber bursts forth with vibrant colors, providing a vibrant oasis for pollinators to gather and thrive.
  4. Organic Dahlia Fantastico: True to its name, the Fantastico Dahlia captivates with its fantastical beauty and open-hearted blooms, inviting pollinators to revel in its splendor. Grown with care and dedication to organic principles, each tuber blossoms into a mesmerizing spectacle, enchanting both humans and pollinators alike.

Each “Dancing Pollinators” collection contains 4 tubers of premium organic dahlias, thoughtfully chosen for their ability to attract and nourish pollinators with their open, inviting flowers. Whether adorning your garden beds, lining your pathways, or gracing your floral arrangements, these dahlias serve as a vital lifeline for pollinators while adding a touch of natural beauty and eco-friendly charm to your outdoor space. Join the dance of pollinators and embrace the beauty of nature with the “Dancing Pollinators” Organic Dahlia Collection.

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