Organic Garlic Vallelado 35+ mm (1 bulb)


Organically Grown Garlic ‘Vallelado’ for planting.

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Garlic Vallelado is a fall variety suitable for planting from mid-September until beginning of Winter. Garlic Vallelado is distinguished by its substantial bulb size, juicy cloves, and impressive longevity. Known for its mildly spicy taste, organic garlic Vallelado typically yields better when planted in autumn, however during a wet autumn it is better to plant them during the winter period. It is recommended to plant the bulbs in ridges in a warm, sunny location.

Harvesting can be done in July, or even earlier if you prefer to use it fresh or as green garlic. For a delightful and mild flavor, consider adding a leaf to your sandwich or salad. Vallelado is 100% organically grown, has undergone heat Treatment to ward off potential diseases and is free from nematodes.


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