Organic Garlic Morado 35+ mm (1 bulb)


Organically Grown Garlic ‘Morado’ for planting.

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These organic garlic bulbs can be planted from mid-September until February. Organic Garlic Morado is originally a Spanish variety with purple-red cloves. Renowned for its superior quality and intense flavour, Garlic Morado enjoys widespread acclaim in both national and international markets. Characterized by its strong scent, spicy taste, and an average clove count of 8 to 10, Morado garlic stands as a highly prized variety. Research indicates that Garlic Morado contains the highest levels of allicin, the “natural” penicillin. It develops a sturdy flower stem, which also produces flowers in the summer.

It is a beautiful garlic variety to look at and delicious to eat. For long-term storage, it is advisable to remove these flowers to prevent the dissipation of growth energy into the bloom. Morado has undergone heat treatment to prevent potential diseases and is free from nematodes, and, is 100% Organically certified. Organic Garlic Morado is available in any desired quantity, as we package it ourselves.


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