Organic Garlic Messidor 35+ mm (1 bulb)


Organically Grown Garlic ‘Messidor’ for planting.

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The colour of organic garlic Messidor is white, making it well-suited for fresh consumption as well. Garlic Messidor can be planted in the UK from mid-September until February and boasts a mildly spicy taste. Generally, the yield of autumn-planted garlic bulbs is superior, however Garlic ‘Messidor’ is specifically tailored for the damp winters of Britain, proves to be an excellent selection with its robust roots that resist rot. This variety produces large, white cloves with a well-rounded flavour, making it an optimal choice for the challenging British weather conditions.

It is recommended to plant garlic in ridges in a warm, sunny location. Harvest time is in July, or earlier if you prefer to use them fresh or as green garlic. Consider trying a leaf on your sandwich or in your salad for a deliciously mild flavour.


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