Organic Rhubarb Rheum ‘Victoria’


100% Organically grown Rhubarb Rheum ‘Victoria’. Available as bare root. PRE-ORDER NOW, DESPATCHED IN FEBRUARY 2024.

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Rheum x hybridum ‘Victoria’ is an esteemed rhubarb variety, supposedly named in honour of Queen Victoria. This old but reliable rhubarb variety yields abundant long stems boasting a delightful sweetness and satisfying texture. Rhubarb ‘Victoria’ offers flexibility in harvesting – whether as tender baby stems, forced for an early yield, or left to mature for a more robust flavour. The rhubarb will be despatched as dormant crowns and are 100% organically grown without the use of harmfull pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

To cultivate rhubarb, plant the crowns from autumn to spring in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Prioritize soil preparation by incorporating ample well-rotted manure and eliminating all weeds. When placing the crowns, ensure the top sits 3cm below the soil surface, spacing them at 75cm intervals. Adequately water the plants in their initial year, and consider an annual mulch with homemade compost or well-rotted manure to promote optimal growth. This low-maintenance perennial promises a bountiful harvest for years to come.

Did you know that Rhubarb is often mistaken for a fruit? This is due to its sweet flavour and frequent use in desserts, however it technically is a vegetable. It’s an excellent choice for novice vegetable growers and permaculture gardeners, as it’s a perennial plant that thrives with minimal attention, producing delectable stalks perfect for stewing and enjoying with breakfast porridge or incorporating into crumbles and tarts. With an early spring harvest, rhubarb becomes a prized addition to the vegetable garden, especially when other crops are scarce.

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