Organic Pak Choi Oriental Prize


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Latin name Brassica Rapa Chinensis
Approximately 450 seeds per g.

Oriental vegetables have revolutionised winter salad production. As their name suggests they come from China and Japan. Being brassica, or cabbage family, the plants are very cold tolerant making them ideal for our autumn and winter months. It also means that some of the varieties have that hot, mustard kick to them. The variation in leaf, colour, shape and texture make them perfect for mixed salad and they are very quick growing too. Most varieties are cut and come again salads while some can also be stir fried.

Pak choi, also known as bok choy and Chinese chard, has the characteristic features that set it apart from many of the other oriental greens. The plants form a distinctive head consisting of big, squat white crisp stems with dark green spoon shaped leaf. The stems are flavourful and juicy. The leaf is mild tasting. Prize Choi is one of the best open-pollinated full sized pac choy available. It prefers cool weather, but is slow to bolt in heat. Prize Choi is selected for uniformity, vigor and bolt resistance. For early spring or autumn planting.

How to grow
Sow the seed in well prepared ground in August and September. Sprinkle seed thinly in drills 15 cm apart and thin as necessary to leave up to 30 cm between the plants. You can use the thinnings as salad or garnish. Pak Choi is fast growing and can be cut 4 to 6 weeks after planting. Succession planting with give you a longer season, undercover sowings can also extend the growing season. You can also try a quick crop by sowing again in spring. Harvest by cutting the whole plant at the base with a sharp knife. Plants are very cold tolerant but Pak Choi will not survive a heavy frost.

Pests and diseases.
Protect the plants from slugs with an environmentally friendly method. Flea beetle may also be a problem. You can protect the plants from flea beetle using fine mesh but it is not such a problem during the growing period of Pak Choi.

How to cook
Although the leaves can be eaten raw Pak Choi is the classic stir fry vegetable.

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