Organic Cucumber Tanja


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Approx. 15 organic vegetable seeds per gardener’s packet

Cucumbers, members of the Cucurbitae family, are considered half-hardy annuals. Their growth is contingent on the variety, with some suitable for outdoor cultivation in gardens and others thriving in polytunnels or greenhouses. The vines are delicate and require protection from frost.

Cucumber fruits typically display a green hue, with outdoor varieties often featuring ridges and tiny spines, while indoor counterparts tend to have smooth skins. Sizes vary, ranging from long varieties measuring up to 30 cm to shorter fruiting types half that size. Many indoor varieties are designated F1 all-female fruiting types, eliminating the need to deal with male flowers, a practice historically required to prevent bitterness in fruits.

The Tanja variety is a popular outdoor choice, yielding crops of bitter-free and largely spineless fruits, reaching up to 25 cm in length.

How to Cultivate:

  • Sow cucumber seeds in pots or modules filled with high-quality organic compost in April and May. Pot them into 7 cm pots once the true leaves have formed.
  • For permanent placement, transplant them into the growing site, providing canes or strings for support. The delicate stems require careful handling during transplantation, and watering should be done cautiously to prevent damping off.
  • Outdoor cucumbers can be transplanted in May or June after the threat of frost has subsided. A wigwam of canes spaced 60 cm apart serves as effective support; tie the plants in as they grow.
  • Harvest regularly from late June onwards.

Pests and Diseases:

  • Cucumbers are susceptible to aphids, red spider mites, cucumber mosaic virus, and mildew.

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Beyond green salads and garnishes, cucumbers exhibit remarkable versatility in the kitchen.
  • They pair well with mint and dill, contributing to dishes like tabbouleh, raita, and tzatziki. Pickling is another excellent culinary application for cucumbers.

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