Organic Fragaria ananassis ‘Pendula’


100% Organically grown Fragaria ananassis ‘Pendula’. Available as bare root.

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Fragaria x ananassa ‘Pendula’ is a 100% certified organically cultivated strawberry plant that ripens its fruits in mid-June and stands out for its impressive size and firmness. The ‘Pendula’ strawberry is renowned for its imposing, sturdy fruits that not only excel in size but also exhibit remarkable longevity, allowing you to savor this delicious treat for an extended period.

The flowering of Strawberry ‘Pendula’ is characterized by moderately large flowers with well-developed stamens, although the stamens of the first flowers may be less pronounced at times. In terms of productivity, this variety exceeds expectations, delivering a notably high yield of top-quality fruits.

The growth of Strawberry ‘Pendula’ is impressive and fairly broad, with ample openness and beautifully long, sturdy fruit clusters. What makes this strawberry extra special is its ease and speed of picking, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable harvesting process.

‘Pendula’ strawberry is a hardy perennial plant. It returns annually, growing in size over the years.

Please note that you are purchasing the roots of this strawberry plant.

How, where, and when do I plant strawberry runners in the ground?
Plant the roots of the strawberry plant in the ground immediately upon delivery. Plant Strawberry ‘Pendula’ in a location with plenty of sunlight. Strawberries thrive in well-draining, fertile soil. Dig a hole about 10 centimeters deep, spread the roots over the ground, and fill the hole with soil. Allow the new green shoots to protrude just above the ground and provide sufficient water.

Ensure proper overall care of the plant, including regular watering, removing weeds around the plant, and applying suitable fertilizers. This contributes to the health and vitality of the strawberry plant.

Organic fertilizers, such as compost or well-rotted manure, can be used to nourish strawberry plants. These not only add nutrients but also improve soil structure.

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