Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk’ (Organic)



100% Organically grown Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk’.

Available as bare root.

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Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk,’ is a versatile organically grown perennial that adds a touch of elegance to your garden. This variety showcases uniquely textured leaves and delicate, chartreuse flowers that create a mesmerizing display. With its distinctive aspects, noteworthy height, and simple care requirements, ‘Irish Silk’ is a delightful addition to any landscape.

The foliage of Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk’ is a visual delight, featuring intricately scalloped leaves with a velvety texture. Its charming chartreuse flowers, resembling delicate silk, form airy clusters that gracefully catch the light. The overall effect is a soft and luxurious aesthetic that lends a unique character to your garden.

Reaching a height of approximately 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cm), ‘Irish Silk’ stands at an ideal stature for mid-border or mixed perennial plantings. This moderate height ensures it remains visible and contributes to the overall composition of your garden without overshadowing other plants.

Caring for Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk’ is easy, making it a perfect choice for both novice and seasoned gardeners. Plant in a location with partial to full sunlight, ensuring well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. ‘Irish Silk’ thrives in areas that receive morning sunlight and dappled shade in the afternoon. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during the growing season, and avoid waterlogged conditions. Trim back spent flower stems to encourage continuous blooming and maintain a tidy appearance, and consider dividing the plant every few years to maintain its vigor and prevent overcrowding.

Bring a touch of sophistication to your garden with Alchemilla mollis ‘Irish Silk,’ an organic perennial that combines distinctive features, moderate height, and easy care for a stunning botanical experience.

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