Native Wildflowers UK Organic Seed Collection (7x seed packs)


100% Certified Organic seeds.

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Approx. 15.000 organic seeds in total.

Wildflower meadows are a much-loved sight in the UK countryside. They support a huge range of wildlife species, providing food for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. On a single day in summer, one acre of wildflower meadow can contain 3 million flowers, producing 1 kg of nectar sugar. That’s enough to support nearly 96,000 honey bees per day. (Source: WWF)

Even in a smaller area of your garden, planting pollinator-friendly wildflowers – like traditional favourites, Cornflower, Chamomile, Clover, Poppies, Phacelia, Corncockle and St Johns Wort (or alternative) – will bring benefits to your local bees and butterflies, as well as introducing a bright swathe of colour.

The seeds in this collection are organically grown and certified by Soil Association. If you’re interested in organic gardening, this native wildflower collection would be a wonderful addition to your planting scheme.

The Native Wildflower Organic Seed Collection contains:

  • 1x packet of Organic Cornflower
  • 1x packet of Organic Chamomile
  • 1x packet of Organic Clover
  • 1x packet of Organic Poppies
  • 1x packet of Organic Phacelia 
  • 1x packet of Organic Corncockle
  • 1x packet of Organic St Johns Wort / Organic Viola tricolor
  • 1x seed and sowing manual
  • 7x wooden plant labels

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