How to Make Calendula Salve or Ointment

How to Make your own Calendula Salve or Ointment

Recipe for making calendula ointment

I used to buy calendula salve from the health food store because I find it to be a soothing salve for skin injuries. This time, I wanted to make the ointment myself and planted calendula flowers in our herb garden.

Below you will find some instructions on how to make your own Calendula Salve. It is ideal to have at hand for yourself and when you’re having children. The salve has become a common use for my partner, myself and our daughter. Just have a try and experience the healing power of nature yourself.

Calendula officinalis (Marigold): 
The flowers of calendula are still used for healing sprains, bruises, ulcers, mild infections, minor burns, slow-healing wounds, and cuts. It can aid in the cell regeneration on the wound’s edges, reduce swelling, and minimize scarring in burns and abrasions.

Source: – Culpeper, N., & Foster, S. (2019). Culpeper’s Complete Herbal. 

Step 1: Make Calendula Oil Macerate

Before making the ointment, you need a macerate of calendula oil. A macerate is created by soaking the dried calendula flowers in oil, allowing the soluble substances to be released. I personally used organic calendula seeds to grow my Calendula flowers, because I prefer to avoid pesticides in the ointment and in general.


  • 1 cleaned Kilner jar (minimum 200 ml) 
  • Fully bloomed calendula flowers (enough to fill 3/4 of the jar) 
  • Organic olive oil or sunflower oil (enough to fill the jar to the brim) 

Here’s how to make the oil macerate:

  • Harvest the calendula flowers. 
  • Dry the flowers for approximately 5 days in a warm place, ensuring they are completely dry (see below). You can also dry them in an oven at around 35 degrees Celsius until they are dry enough. 
  • Fill the canning jar with 3/4 of the flowers (excluding the green stem heads). 
  • Pour the oil into the jar, making sure all the flowers are submerged (otherwise the uncovered flowers will rot). 
  • Seal the jar tightly. 
  • Place the jar in a sunny spot on the windowsill or in your greenhouse (as long as it’s warm) for at least 3 weeks, shaking the jar regularly. Strain the oil using a sieve, and the calendula oil is ready.

Calendula in full bloom

How to Make Calendula Salve or Ointment

Tip: Dry the Calendula flowers in an egg carton

Step 2: Make the Calendula Salve or Ointment

Now you can make calendula ointment from the calendula oil. From my lovely neighbour I got some fresh beeswax which is absolutely lovely to use, but you can also find beeswax at most health food stores or order it online.


  • The Calendula oil macerate you made in step 1
  • 12 grams of beeswax per 100 ml of oil 
  • 1 clean jar

Here’s how to make the ointment:

  • Heat the calendula oil using a double boiler (bain-marie).
  • Add the beeswax and gently warm the oil to melt the wax.
  • Stir to thoroughly combine the oil and beeswax.
  • The ointment is ready for use after it has cooled down.
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