Seed Sowing Calendar

Seed Sowing Calendar

We have put together a Seed Sowing Calendar which will give you a kick-start when starting a vegetable garden. You can find growing advice for seeds to sow indoors in a greenhouse, polytunnel or windowsill and outdoors in open ground or pots.

How to Make Calendula Salve or Ointment

How to Make your own Calendula Salve or Ointment

In this blogpost you will find instructions on how to make your own Calendula Salve. It is a lovely natural remedy often used for mild infections, minor burns, cuts and bruises.

How to Make your own organic Compost

5-Step Guide to Make your own Organic Compost

Creating healthy soil is one of the main principles of Organic gardening. So why not make your own compost and be sure it is absolutely natural and pesticide-free?

How to Grow Organic Dahlias

Dahlias are absolutely adorable flowers. In this post we explain how easy it is to grow your own Dahlias. As our Dahlia range is organically grown you are assured they won’t harm pollinators too.

How to plant eco-friendly bare root plants

How to Plant Bare Root Perennial Plants

In this tutorial (including video) we show you how to plant and grow eco-friendly bare root plants. It is a wonderful and easy way to add more flowers in your garden, patio or balcony.

Cottage garden in the city

Organic Gardening in a Modern Cottage Garden

The idea of designing a garden with useful plants for natural cooking, herbal remedies and supporting wildlife is fascinating. The founding Organic Gardener has been inspired by the old ways of the cottage gardeners…

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