Organic Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’



Organic Spring Bulb Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’.

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The timeless allure of the black tulip with its exquisite satin texture is embodied by the organically cultivated Tulip ‘Queen Of Night.’ This variety proves itself as a dependable, long-flowering gem that returns year after year, becoming a steadfast presence in the spring garden. Among the extraordinary near-black tulips, ‘Queen of Night’ stands as a premier choice. It’s as though the entire spring season builds up to a magnificent crescendo with the blossoming of these late tulips.

To showcase these captivating black tulips and give them the recognition they truly deserve, consider planting Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ bulbs in substantial clusters or pairing them with pristine white tulips for a timeless black and white aesthetic.

When it comes to crafting exquisite flower arrangements, Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ is a must-have addition. Ensure you plant an ample quantity of bulbs so that you can enjoy the stems you bring indoors for admiration.

Among the most coveted tulip varieties, Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ is a rarity in the world of near-black tulips. Its deep purple blooms are so rich that, in certain lighting conditions, they appear almost black. It’s a testament to the beauty of this regal tulip that one might question whether a truly black tulip could surpass ‘Queen of Night.’ After all, this majestic lady exudes an apparent blackness—until the sun’s rays reveal a dark burgundy-purple hue that imbues the blooms with a radiant vitality!

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