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Brassica oleracea var. sabellica
50 seeds (approximately) per packet and 250-300 seeds per gram.

Kale has experienced a notable resurgence in popularity in recent years, making it a highly rewarding vegetable to cultivate. Harvesting is possible from late summer throughout winter and into early spring. With a variety of types, including flat, lightly blistered, jagged, or tightly curled leaves, kale offers a range of visual appeal. Colors span from black, purple, and red to green.

Boasting a sweet flavor with a subtle hint of iron, kale not only tastes fantastic but also offers nutritional benefits.

One outstanding variety is Black Magic, a meticulously maintained selection of Nero de Toscano kale or Cavolo Nero. It exhibits high uniformity for full-size production, featuring long, narrow leaves that form attractive and tall, straight bunches. Its excellent cold tolerance and resistance to bolting enhance performance in the UK climate. The tender young leaves make it suitable for use in winter salads, while mature leaves showcase a beautiful dark blue-green color with savoy characteristics.

Growing Tips:

Incorporate kale into the Brassica section of your crop rotation.
Sow seeds in April and May in a seed bed, placing them in shallow drills with 15cm spacing between rows. No thinning of seedlings is required.
In July, when young plants reach 10-15cm in height, transplant them into the permanent growing site. Dig deep planting holes, spacing the plants approximately 45cm apart, and water thoroughly.
Harvest from October to February. Individual leaves can be taken, or the main head can be cut, leaving the plants in place to produce side shoots.
Pests and Diseases:

Protect seedlings from slug damage using an environmentally friendly slug killer.
Cabbage white butterflies can pose a threat; use barriers such as netting with Environmesh for effective protection.
Cooking Recommendations:

Young leaves can be enjoyed raw in salads. Some recipes recommend massaging the leaves with olive oil to tenderize them.
Typically, the leaves are steamed until just tender, avoiding overcooking. They can also serve as a spinach substitute in dishes like cannelloni and pancakes.

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