How to plant flower bulbs?

After the winter period, the fresh colours of daffodils, tulips and crystal white summer snowdrops usher in the wonderful period of spring. Enjoy the cheerfulness of spring bulbs early in the year, and read below how to create a cheerful flower bulb border step by step.

Step 1: Select the right spot.

In the winter you often spend little time in the garden, so it is nice to plant the bulbs in places where you pass like a garden path, under a tree, in an existing summer border or in pots. 

Step 2: Choose your favourite colour palette.

Get inspired by the colour palettes in the photos or match the spring flower bulbs to your existing border. Just experiment and see what will happen.

Step 3: Plant your flower bulbs.

For a successful flower bulb border, it is important to know when which bulbs should be planted and when they will emerge. The best time for planting spring flower bulbs is in autumn (between mid-September and mid-December). 

Note: you won’t plant spring flower bulbs in soil that is too wet or during a period of frost, as flower bulbs will rot or freeze immediately. 

Additional tips:

  • Make sure the soil is well-drained by turning the soil lightly with a fork.
  • Make a trench or hole depending on the size of your flower bulb. The hole needs to be about twice as deep as the bulb size.
  • Place the bulb(s) in the hole and close it with garden soil.
  • After planting, only water the soil during a dry period.

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