Light up the garden in spring with the beautiful blue blooms of Brunnera, commonly known as Siberian Bugloss or False Forget-me-not. There are several cultivars; one of the most attractive is Brunnera’ Jack Frost’, with blue flowers on slender stems rising above heart-shaped, silver-frosted leaves. Other cultivars like Brunnera’ Betty Bowling’ have white flowers and glossy, lime-green leaves.

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Brunnera blooms from early to mid-spring. Its pollen and nectar are greatly appreciated by foraging bees and other pollinators, so it’s an excellent way to increase your garden’s biodiversity. And our Brunnera plants are 100% pesticide-free, so they’re a perfect option for organic gardening.


Brunnera is one of the best bee-friendly perennials for a shady flower bed or woodland garden. When planting Brunnera, choose a partly or wholly shaded spot with well-drained soil that you can keep consistently moist. In full sun, the foliage will scorch. On the other hand, Brunnera plants don’t thrive where the ground gets too soggy or where it dries out, so be prepared to water them if it’s an unusually dry season.

Siberian Bugloss will grow to around 45 cm tall and eventually grows into small mounds around 60cm wide; it looks fantastic at the front of a shaded border, under shrubs or edging a woodland path. The foliage dies back in autumn and grows again the next spring.

‘Jack Frost’ self-seeds, and you can transplant the seedlings to where more plants are needed. You can also collect the seeds after the flowers fade and sow them in trays in a cold frame. Brunnera plants can also be propagated by dividing clumps.

Brunnera is a fabulous, low-maintenance plant for ground cover in any cool, shaded area as, unlike hostas, it won’t be eaten by slugs and snails. Plant with spring bulbs and other shade-loving perennials such as hellebores and periwinkles(Vinca) for a lovely natural look.